Travelling with camper

The unpleasant topic Panne should not be spared in the preparations for a holiday with the camper: What if a spare tire or a breakdown spray, or a repair kit, is carried as an emergency measure when punctures? Is professional breakdown assistance covered by additional insurance? Which initial measures are important later for a speedy settlement of claims?

Tire defect: The classic margins

The regulations, which have to be carried by law of the items listed here are different from country to country.

Who wants to play it safe, regardless of the legal provisions, or in travel with the caravan, two complete spare wheels (caravan and tractor) and a second warning triangle on board? Who can even change tires, lead with a jack and the accessories needed?

Alternatively suitable for temporary repairs for the onward journey to the nearest workshop with a small hole – formed for example by the occurrence of a nail – a breakdown spray. Major damage to the tires can be solved by a so-called repair kit. This includes a tire sealant and a compressor. After emergency repair of tires can usually no longer be expertly repaired in the workshop, but must be replaced.

Am Markt qualitatively different margins sprays and repairs kits are offered – the ADAC has published current tests.

5 camping do’s & don’ts

A good break in the camping – this experience can be marred by trouble with other campers arg. Compliance of unspoken rules for dealing with other people creates the basis for a conflict-free coexistence and offers the prospect of interesting holiday acquaintances.

Helpfulness, courtesy and consideration are the cornerstone

Camping is coexistence of initially strangers in a confined space. Fixed rules are useful in order to avoid conflicts in advance. The hours of sleep, places to play and grill – this there are rules that are regulated at the campsite in the individual house rules and unhook each camper cost in the reception area. If you want to make sure that it does not inadvertently interfere with its neighbors, the attention not only of the house rules, but also the unspoken rules of behavior – as a kind of small Knigge for campers.

This 5 Do’s increasing acceptance among neighbors

Avoid unnecessary visual barriers and pitfalls for the neighbors tent cords and (wash) linen: tread carefully when building the caravan.

Keep order: lying around towels, used dishes and other personal items interfere with the order of awareness of many campers.

Pay attention to adequate clothing: An excess of free movement is undesirable outside naturist centers.

Offer neighborly help: offer help to the neighbors without definite question is of course among campers – whether during assembly and disassembly or the firing of barbecue

Show clear limits to tghe children: move the zip tent doors, for example locked doors – younger children must follow the regulations at the campsite

These 5 Don’ts bring the neighbor’s forehead for wrinkles

The neighbors are too close to my caravan: In particular, if the boundaries of the open-air vacation home are not clearly defined, it should be noted when camping where the terrain of the neighbors could begin.

Greeting and nameless around at the campsite convert: A polite presentation by “you” or “you” is common – most campers prefer the private salutation

With Grill swaths, the air flavor: A grill is easily portable and can be set up so that the neighbors are not bothered by smoke and soot.