Travelling with camper

The unpleasant topic Panne should not be spared in the preparations for a holiday with the camper: What if a spare tire or a breakdown spray, or a repair kit, is carried as an emergency measure when punctures? Is professional breakdown assistance covered by additional insurance? Which initial measures are important later for a speedy settlement of claims?

Tire defect: The classic margins

The regulations, which have to be carried by law of the items listed here are different from country to country.

Who wants to play it safe, regardless of the legal provisions, or in travel with the caravan, two complete spare wheels (caravan and tractor) and a second warning triangle on board? Who can even change tires, lead with a jack and the accessories needed?

Alternatively suitable for temporary repairs for the onward journey to the nearest workshop with a small hole – formed for example by the occurrence of a nail – a breakdown spray. Major damage to the tires can be solved by a so-called repair kit. This includes a tire sealant and a compressor. After emergency repair of tires can usually no longer be expertly repaired in the workshop, but must be replaced.

Am Markt qualitatively different margins sprays and repairs kits are offered – the ADAC has published current tests.